Harsh Environment:  APM-A20
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IP-67 watertight

IP-67 Waterproof USB and Video connectors on the APM-A20 for external control points.  Harsh environment
cables and cable connectors are used used maintain the water tight integrity.
• Eliminate maintenance issues from dust and moisture with a completely sealed, fanless case
• Sealed Chassis and Thermal Management Systems (Patented) designed and made in the USA
• Ideal for vehicles, equipment, solar powered installations and other noisy battery based systems
• Designed for open, wet and abusive environments with cast and billet aluminum cases
• 10 - 32V DC powered with built in Power Management and Transient Protection (Patented)
• Systems scaled and configured for your x86 based application
• Never miss a transaction with built-in DC Uninterruptible Power Supply (Patented)
• Interchangeable with servers, desktops, hardened laptops and automation control computer systems
• Tested to run all PC Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Linux, QNX, XPe, CE, etc.

The A20-MC is "Rough-and-Ready" for extreme environments.  Vehicle mounted or field deployable, DC power based,
wireless connectivity, high performance, rugged mobile computer system that can be used interchangeably with
hardened laptops, embedded control computers and vehicular based computer systems.
A20-MC Hardened Computer System
Rugged DC Powered Mobile Computers and
Servers for Mission-Critical Applications

Power Tuned Technology, Designed and Made In U.S.A.
Two A20-MC mounted in a DARPA Urban Challenge vehicle