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APlus Mobile Awarded U.S. Patent #7,773,375 B1 Aug 2010
"Ruggedized Computer and Aspects Thereof"
Rugged DC Powered Mobile Computers and
Servers for Mission-Critical Applications.
High Technology Product Development.
Power Tuned Technology, Designed and Made In U.S.A.
S160, S320 Mobile Super Computer Series
The Distributed and Redundant Safety
Architecture of the
S320 Mobile Super
eliminates I/O and Processor
bottle necks with 4 i7 CPUs (16 Cores),
32GB total RAM, 4 SATAII SS Drives and 4
separate Power Systems

Process all of your sensor data while running real
time navigation without hardware bottlenecks with
four i7 Quad Core CPUs allowing 32 simultaneous
true threads and four QM67 chipsets linked
internally through an internal GigaBit Ethernet
switch.  Four redundant Power Systems and 3
Ethernet paths in and out of each CPU provide a
seamless redundant system architecture in a
single sealed box with integrated active cooling

Get Data Sheet Here for more Information
APlus Mobile Awarded Second U.S. Patent For
Ruggedized Computers  #8,289,714 B2  Oct 2012
Press Release
APlus Mobile, SPAWAR and PacStar Qualifies COTS Computer Appliances for the Air, Ground and Marine Markets

The Model 1400 (MS-400 i7) achieves lab certification for vibration requirements of MIL-STD-810 including that for
Rotary Wing Aircraft and Mobile Ground Vehicles without any unit modification.   The Model B20 has performed without
failure or fault for three years in  Space and Navel Warfare's extensive worldwide UGV testing
APlus Mobile Announces The MS-400 Small Form Factor Open Frame Mobile Server!  
Designed and made in USA!  With Intel Atom, i3, i5 or i7 Processors the MS-400 Small Form Factor Server bridges the
gap between fully sealed APlus Mobile Servers and low end mini type boxes from various import resellers.  The Model
MS-400 has achieved lab certification for the vibration requirements of MIL-STD-810 including that for Rotary Wing
Aircraft and Mobile Ground Vehicles, so you know that it is ready for your rugged application.  With 10-36 Volt DC Raw
Buss Power input and APlus Mobile's Patented Power control, the MS-400's features set a new price / performance
standard for small format open frame computers.  
Only 6.7" x 5.2" x 1.73" !
**  Update! Embry Riddle Aeronautical University invited to show U.S. Navy capabilities!
APlus Mobile Sponsors Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Second Robotic Competition
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Robotics Association Team is excited to use APlus Mobile's S320 Mobile
Super Computer in the 2014 International Maritime RobotX Challenge boat competition in Marina Bay, Singapore.  This
will be the second time APlus Mobile has sponsored ERAU in a robotics competition.
ERAU update: "Your support with the S320 has been pivotal in helping us achieve milestones for our project. It is an
amazing piece of hardware. Your contribution to this project has been beyond our expectations."  
Youtube video links of
the ERAU robot in action
The New MotherBone PiOne™      Watch Youtube video:
MotherBone PiOne™ is a new type of Multi-Peripheral Motherboard using BeagleBone Black and Raspberry PI
Computer modules as CPU's.  
MotherBone PiOne™ enables complex Linux based control applications in an industrial
standard 3.5" Motherboard form factor.  Designed and Made in U.S.A.  
Download the manual and data sheet here.  
Domestic Drone Countermeasures is using Aplus Mobile Inc. Technology in
their Drone Detection Systems.  Check out for
more information on Drones and  Drone Detection Systems.  
VirtulatorTM Red and Blue
The new VirtulatorTM series of computer based Music Production Tools feature High Definition Audio and
Low Latency.  For the first time, musicians can use the Virtulator
TM on stage and in the studio as a
complete, dedicated music production tool.   It can replace laptop and desktop music computers, DAW,
multi-effects, synth modules, rack effects, outboard interfaces, custom amplifiers, etc.
APlus Mobile Awarded Third U.S. Patent For Ruggedized Computers  #8,922,991 B2  Dec 2014
APlus Mobile Awarded Fourth U.S. Patent For Ruggedized Computers #20150124394  May 7 2015
NEW! A100 Harsh Environment
Machine Control Computer for
Robotics and other DC
powered Complex  Control
Systems.  Perfect for motion
control and complex sensor
network applications, AGV, etc.

DC System Powered: 11.5 to
36V DC (24V) and 19.5 to 75V
DC (48V) raw power buss input.
The A100 MCC features
Dual Intel i7 Processors,
Dual SSDrives 12GB Ram
8 D/A, 8 A/D, 8 GPIO, 2 PWM
5 RS-232, 1 RS-485/422/232,
5 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0,  2 GB
Lan, 2 VGA, and more.
New A100 IP67 Environment Rated Machine and Robot Control Computer
Two New Automated Machine Brands Powered By APlus Mobile Technology
StepX (Step Extraction LLC) & Co2 Power Systems