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A20-MC:  Sealed,
Compact, High
Reliability, Power Fault
Tolerant, Harsh
Environment x86
Personal Computer
designed specifically
for 12-29V DC Mobile
Two A20-MC mounted in a DARPA Urban Challenge vehicle
Major Customers
Aplus Mobile PowerBlockTM Rack Systems
Rugged Standard 19" Rack
For 12 or 24V DC battery based main power systems.
Rack Mount
The MS-400 Small Form Factor Open Frame Mobile Server!  Using Intel 3rd
generation i5 or i7 Processors the MS-400 Small Form Factor Server bridges the gap between fully
sealed APlus Mobile Servers and low end mini type boxes from various import resellers.  The Model
MS-400 has achieved lab certification for the vibration requirements of MIL-STD-810 including that for
Rotary Wing Aircraft and Mobile Ground Vehicles, so you know that it is ready for your rugged application.
10-36 Volt DC Raw Buss Power input  
Only 6.7" x 5.2" x 1.73" !
Rugged DC Powered Mobile Computers and
Servers for Mission-Critical Applications

Power Tuned Technology, Designed and Made In U.S.A.