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A20-MC:  Sealed,
Compact, High
Reliability, Power Fault
Tolerant, Harsh
Environment x86
Personal Computer
designed specifically
for 12-29V DC Mobile
Major Customers
The MS-400 Small Form Factor Open Frame Mobile Server!  Using Intel 3rd generation
i5 or i7 Processors the MS-400 Small Form Factor Server bridges the gap between fully sealed APlus Mobile
Servers and low end mini type boxes from various import resellers.  The Model MS-400 has achieved lab
certification for the vibration requirements of MIL-STD-810 including that for Rotary Wing Aircraft and Mobile
Ground Vehicles, so you know that it is ready for your rugged application.
10-36 Volt DC Raw Buss Power input  
Only 6.7" x 5.2" x 1.73" !
Rugged DC Powered Mobile Computers and
Servers for Mission-Critical Applications

Power Tuned Technology, Designed and Made In U.S.A.
Aplus Mobile PowerBlockTM Rack Systems
Rugged Standard 19" Rack
For 12 or 24V DC battery based main power systems.
Q100 i5, i7 processors
A100 i7 With Internal UPS